Payment instructions

Account numbers, branch and clearing codes, SWIFT/BIC codes, IBAN's, wallet addresses: they can be very confusing and prone to errors when transmitting and a frequent target in fraud and scams. 

What if there was a way to simplify them and remove errors and fraud? We are introducing a new way for businesses to talk "payment instructions", communicating, receiving, storing and validating: the

Payment instructions are like the address of your business.

You want people to find you easily. But only the right people. 

Should you move, you want to let them know - securely.

Receiving Payments

Notwithstanding the success of emerging payment methods, traditional "bank account to bank account" still drive over 98% of B2B payments. Payment instructions can be difficult to relay to your customers securely. But they may be poised to be more complex once you include long wallet addresses.

Security: It's your data

A blockchain based solution ensures transparency and integrity of the data, without exposing it to the world. 

Making Payments

Validating payment instructions to pay to can be cumbersome and full of potential security pitfalls costing businesses millions every year in misdirected, misallocated and returned payments.

Businesses change, so does your banking.

Communicating new payment instructions to your customers can be disruptive for them, the disruption invites fraudsters to tamper with your data.


Blockchain supported solution. Simple. Secure. Distributed.

We are re-inventing payment instructions, a little bit like what the yellow pages did for customers to find businesses, just more 21st century.

A blockchain supported solution that leaves you in control of your data, with value added services, integrating your financial services provider and a powerful, secure set of APIs to automate straight into your ERP and payment platforms. 

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Payment instructions.
Simple. Secure. Distributed.

We are building a powerful prototype of a next generation master data tool. 

If you are a corporate treasury practitioner, accounts payable guru, ERP master data wizard or a financial services provider, we would love to hear from you.